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I understand that sometimes the thought of taking on one more thing can be a lot. I also strongly believe that it is essential for community members to be involved and engaged in local politics. Below are a variety of commitment-level opportunities that you can support my campaign.

Low time commitment

  • Send me an email and tell me your student and families' stories with the NKSD

  • Talk to other parents about my campaign at pre-planned events (sports, play dates, etc) 

  • Share my website and social media on your social media

  • Donate to my campaign to assist with events and marketing materials

  • Make sure you and your friends are registered to vote and head to the polls November 8th


Medium time commitment

  • Put a lawn sign in your yard

  • Hand flyers out to people you know

  • Knock on your neighbor's doors and tell them about my campaign

  • Attend NK Democrats Meetings 

High time commitment

  • Volunteer for my campaign

  • Knock on doors in neighborhoods that aren't yours

  • Call North Kingstown residents to discuss the School Committee Election 

Get in Touch

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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
I would like to lean more about volunteering

Thank you for reaching out to Erin 4 NK

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