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What is a School Committee?


The School Committee is responsible for identifying the educational needs of the community. More specifically, the NK School Committee is charged with: 

  • Developing policies and ensuring the implementation of federal and state laws

  • Adopting the school budget to submit to the Town Council

  • Overseeing approval of master plan defining goals and objectives

  • Evaluating the school system

For a full list of responsibilities go here

School Committee

There are five elected School Committee members who serve four-year terms.

The School Committee meets meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month with the exception of July when no meetings are held.

Why care about the School Committee?

Great schools benefit all as it is the best investment that we can make to ensure we produce engaged and educated citizens. Education can also be a great social equalizer. I believe strongly that all communities in North Kingstown, regardless if they have children in the schools or not, should care about the strength and vitality of our schools. Here are a couple of facts about how strong schools impact the community. 



There is a strong correlation between community satisfaction and quality schools by providing benefits to community members such as public spaces, entertainment, and athletic pride. 

Community Garden


A community with an existing social network is better equipped to tackle non-community needs entirely unrelated to education. It provides opportunities for neighbors to see each other and discuss things that are important to them. 

Open Sign

Economic Growth

A reputable public school district will actually boost the overall value of your home. Additionally, it attracts new community members to town who will support and invest in small businesses. Schools also create day-to-day transactions and job creation.  

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